These last few sprints at work I’ve gotten to work a lot with Shopify and assisted in building out a Returns App that integrates with the Shopify Store portal. It’s been really interesting getting into this world, and I think I might have a crush on Shopify App development.

It kind of reminds me of what, I imagine, the early development days were like for WordPress Plugins. Now, there’s so many plugins, the market is over-saturated. And the same thing happened with phone app development as well, in my opinion. Now, I don’t think Shopify will blow up to be quite as big as these markets, but it’s definitely a niche area that has yet to reach its full potential.

After doing a lot of reading and working with Shopify Sharp (a cool little wrapper for the Shopify API for C#/ASP.Net), I think I’m ready to jump into this world with both feet. I have an interesting concept in mind for a Shopify App that will allow Trading Card shop owners to keep track of inventory and possibly do online sales through Shopify, and have an app that pulls card data for X number of games. It’s all in my head right now, but It’s gonna be cool, I think. And It will be an opportunity to see if all of this Shopify App stuff is a real possible venture. We shall see!